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vol. 1, no. 1 (2014)
Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion Journal


The PASR Journal is the official journal of the Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion (PASR). It publishes (1) theoretical and methodological papers on religion as a social institution and as a process especially in relation to other social structures in Philippine society; (2) academic reviews of recent books and articles in the sociology of religion; and (3) reflections about fora, seminars and conferences organized by PASR. The journal promotes multidisciplinary/trans disciplinary and academic dialogue among scholars and practitioners in the social sciences, philosophy, theology and cultural studies by providing an academic platform for theoretical, methodological and pragmatic engagements. This journal is refereed by both international and local experts and is published annually by PASR.

Publisher: International Association of Multidisciplinary Research

Category: Religion & Theology | Psychology | Sociology & Social Sciences |

ISSN 2362-9320 (Online)